sports therapy

MBM sports therapy includes sports massage, soft tissue therapy and exercise programming to support performance, recovery and injury management

how can sports therapy help?

as part of rest and recovery during training or post event; or event preparation

to alleviate discomfort, tension and pain

to improve mobility and movement patterns needed for optimal performance

to help prevent niggles or weaknesses developing into more serious injuries

to assist with recovery from injury and return to sport

as a personal treat or reward

Choose a service for your needs

Sports Massage

Soft tissue treatment with purpose. 


A range of techniques are applied with a specific outcome in mind e.g. pain relief, tension reduction, increased range of motion.


Treatments are applied to a body area - legs, back and shoulders or shoulders, arms and neck  


£30 for a 45 min appointment

£38 for a 60 min appointment

Injury Consultation

Assessment and treatment plan to prevent injury escalation or support rehabilitation to get you back to  your running, cycling or swimming

Sessions involve either targeted soft tissue treatment and/or exercise therapy.  You will be provided with a plan to continue your care at home.  

£45 for initial session and home care plan

£30 for follow up sessions 

What to expect...


Treatment and consultation is provided from my therapy room in Brinsley (please note - access is via an external staircase, please contact me in advance if stairs are an obstacle for you).

Bookings can be made online with advance payment via a secure system.  To ensure treatment is suitable and to prepare for your visit, you will be asked to provide some key information about your needs and any medical conditions.  I don't accept walk ins or provide mobile visits.  

For sports therapy, wearing leggings or shorts with a vest top or fitted style t-shirt is ideal.  Please also bring your regular sports footwear.   In case soft tissue treatment is appropriate, please also be prepared as for sports massage (below).  


For sports massage, treatment is generally applied directly to the skin.  The style, technique and depth can be varied to suit your needs and your comfort level.  Treatment can sometimes be uncomfortable but it should be within a level which is tolerable to you or it will be counterproductive.  If legs are being treated, please wear shorts which can be rolled to the top of the leg.  If upper body is being treated, wear something comfortable on your lower body and if you wish to keep a bra on during treatment, please wear a regular style which can be unhooked or have the straps re-positioned (rather than a pull over style sports bra or crop top).