bike services

MBM partners with Bike Techy to help you get the best from your bike.  

how can Bike Techy help?

reducing risk of mechanical failure and accidents

fitting new parts and accessories

ensuring fit for comfort and performance

About Bike Techy

Having a safe, reliable and smooth running bike is critical to your success as a triathlete.  A mechanical problem can be an annoyance on a training ride - it can be a deal breaker for a race.   Whilst not all issues are preventable, good bike maintenance reduces the risk of problems and helps to keep us, and others, safe on the road.  Plus our bikes are typically one of our biggest financial investments - it pays to look after them. 


MBM works with Bike Techy for servicing, repairs, pre-race checks and fitting.  Fully trained and with several years of experience as a mechanic and a rider, Neil at Bike Techy is an accredited and insured IMI Cycle Mechanic.  He also has an eye for detail and a tenacity for problem fixing which comes in handy when chasing down that elusive rattle. 

Please visit BikeTechy website for details