about Ali

Hi, I'm Ali

I love endurance adventures and how they have changed my life - and I'm passionate about helping others to do the same.   I created Mind Body Machine to provide down to earth, accessible support for real-world triathlon and endurance athletes.   

My unique combination of professional and personal experience brings together the key ingredients for endurance success:  physical fitness, personal psychology and practical planning.   



I love the feeling I get from training for and taking part in tough events.  It has had massive benefits for my physical and mental health - I've developed a much healthier relationship with myself, improving my self esteem and body image and reducing the energy I spend on negative thoughts and destructive habits.    I love to keep pushing for the next challenge, seeing just what I can do and how much fun I can have along the way.   

Before MBM, I was a management consultant.   I worked with organisations across the UK, supporting leaders to deliver major change.  I've found that lots of the skills I used in that job are really helpful for my athletes - my ability to plan schedules and balance risks, to communicate complex information in simple ways and build challenging but supportive relationships.

After a few life ups and downs, I decided on a career and lifestyle change in 2019.   I'd been coaching for some time with my local tri club and really enjoyed learning more about effective training and helping club mates  develop their confidence and their performance.  I decided to invest in furthering my knowledge and  skills and devote my energies to learning how to help people enjoy their chosen sport and achieve their goals. 

Mind, Body and Machine reflects my passion that balancing these 3 ingredients is needed for success and enjoyment in endurance sports.  Our psychology, physiology and practical aspects of our lives make our whole person.  How they affect each other is key to understanding how to get the best from ourselves.  


It was also important to me to create something which felt relevant and inclusive for real world athletes like me.  People who might worry that they don't fit the stereotypical profile or that they aren't fast enough.  People whose goals are really important to them but which have to be carefully balanced with family responsibilities, busy jobs and finite budgets.   



get started.  keep moving.  never quit


BTF Triathlon Coach - Level 2 Diploma

Level 5 - Sports Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation

PG Cert - Business & Personal Coaching, 

EA Leader in Running Fitness

Level 3 First Aid at Work

L2 Infection Prevention and Control

National Rescue Award Swimming Teachers & Coaches

Favourite Events

Outlaw Full, Outlaw Half Nottingham, Outlaw Half Holkham

Craggy Island Triathlon

Big Brutal Swim

Notts Big Bike Ride 125

London Marathon

London to Paris Ride


Live light, laugh lots

Do good work 

Never be afraid to fail